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Python Crash Course by Eric Matthews book Review

this is the full review of python crash course by eric matthes 2nd edition book review, python crash course eric matthes review python crash course
Python Crash Course by Eric Matthews book Review

This is the most popular book related to the python programming that I ever read thought out this couple of month ok so it is nearly a 3 month , I read the book, so today I will be give a full overview and summary , review of this book is it value for money or not ?

also I will cover all the imp details and the what uniqueness of this book that you must read it . so read the blog till the end and make sure if you like my work you can share it to your social media so that it can get reached to necessary people

so let get stared

here are the list of question

  • yes I know there are many of the books reated to the python so why this book ?
  • what are the uniqueness of this book
  • there are python official documentation so why we wwant to read this book . Isn’t pyhton documentation doesn’t provide the value of the some particular problems to the solution
  • why and what in this book helps the reader ?
  • is it beginners friendly ?
  • what are the contents of it ?
  • is there any practical's of hands on labs or codes ?

ok so you many come with this type of question or many be not , but I’m here I will be clearing all you doubt regarding to programming books and also I guide to pick up one of the best book that suits you as per your requirement

so if i talk about the book content so there are different section and parts so they re as follows

  1. covers the Basic
  2. Here are the 3 projects
    1. project 1 - alien invasion
    2. projects2 - data visualization
    3. projects3 - web application using Django

and so on

in the part 1 basic on that the author explain all the basic stuffs such as

  • variable and simple data types
  • lists , loops and statements
  • dictionaries , tuple
  • function and classes etc so on and so forth

so this are all the basic of the python programming language

the 2nd part of the projects , so there are 3 different projects

basically on 1st project the author will help to create how does a game can be created using pygame in python on that note 2nd project is all about data visualization and all the things that released to the fields of data science and data anaylist so in that section author will use the python matplotlib module so that it can be created the graphs and the diagram of the data that we want to visualized

And now the next part of this section is the last project of this book is that the web application and it is based on the Django framework for the project as it is a web app the author explain how to setting up the project installing stuffs and how to use the django after creating virtual environment

so this are all the section that this book will definitely improve it and reach to your goal

so now for whose is this book for ? basically any one who have or want to improve or sharpness the skill in the python programming and looking for career advancement however my recommendation is this will be most helpful the beginners as like your and me yes I'm also a beginners and I read the whole book believe me or not this book has help me a lot to improve the skill set . the explanation of the book is very unique other than that they are specific to do task or you can simply say that “TRY IT YOURSELF” also line to line explanation about the code in that specific topic also the projects yes this projects is in the best in class or high end project but yes

this are the beginner friendly project which will definitely help to improve your skill set as well as the resume or portfolio that will required into the future

according my experience in book reading is I got the best and it is hard to give a summary of the book because it has more than 500+ pages so yes you can understand but in 1 word I would say it is worth it to buy this book of python crash course programming book by Eric Mathes

so this book comes under 3000 Rupees and if you finding a programming book at this price point and your main and primary focuses is on python so grab it why you waiting for or just get it at right time during the big discount or sale time

why we can do the this by python official documentation ?

  • yes I know the your best friendly and your problem solver in your 1st place should we a documentation
  • but in this case of this book is much better and it is designed to be and there are well enough explanation on about the every things and topic that has explain and written by the author

Here it the Full summary of the book and points to remember

  • Overall, The Python Crash Course is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the Python programming language, suitable for readers with little or no programming experience.
  • Throughout the book, Matthes includes numerous examples and exercises to help readers practice and reinforce their understanding of the material. The book also includes a set of appendices that cover additional topics, such as debugging and testing, as well as a list of resources for further learning.
  • The second part of the book covers more advanced topics, such as working with data, creating and using classes, and working with data visualizations. It also covers how to work with web APIs and how to build simple web applications using the Django framework.
  • The book is divided into two parts. The first part covers the basics of programming in Python, including data types, variables, lists, dictionaries, and loops. It also covers how to work with files, and how to use functions and modules to organize and reuse code.
  • The Python Crash Course is a beginner-level tutorial to the Python programming language, written by Eric Matthes and published by No Starch Press. The book is designed to be a fast-paced, thorough introduction to Python, with the goal of helping readers learn enough to be productive with the language as quickly as possible.

My final Conclusion

A great book by a great author a well driver code eg, and explanation about code in line to line format , a try it your self that can also help if you do practice seriously

definitely not doubt I will be recommend this to any one out there who is passionate into programming a beginner and experts any one no as such prerequisite

so thank you reading my article ,

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