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Google Developer Groups Cloud Event in Mumbai

I attend google cloud event on that note I get to know about elastic elastic stack elastic search Kibana elasticity in cloud computing also too many

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Hey guys welcome to my new blog Mr parui so today I will be discuss about the Google developer groups event that hosted on last week of 2nd of July 2022 on Saturday this event held on Mumbai and we discuss lots of things such as new technology used in google cloud and get to know about elastic search wait wait do you want to know so read the full blog and I will be share my experience about this event so let's begin.

this is my whole personal experiences and not a promotion/paid blog

First and Foremost In this Gdg event I had a great event and lots of things that I have to get to know, I made new friends and new connection as well as a great knowledge as been added to my life. So now I will give you a short and little bit of information what actually I have experienced in this event

Welcome Note: GDG Cloud Mumbai & Elastic

By Ali Mustufa

Firstly I have to Thanks each and everyone who had spoken and though all the new ,currently or upcoming technologies also specially google developer group for organize and host the event and warn welcoming to us.

First of all the event started nearly 10 o’clock in the morning the Ali sir welcomed us into the offline event after 2 years online event

New cloud announcements at Google I/O

By Dharmesh Vaya, Cloud Architect

getting stared into session
getting stared into the session
darmesh vaya speaking
in stage Dharmesh Vaya
darmesh vaya sir on stage
getting stared to the session different cam view

After the welcoming done then Dharmesh Vaya sir came and introduce about a Google cloud application such as

  • Services provided be Google cloud and what are their scope in future.
  • covered Cloud Run I/O22 Serverless Architecture.
  • Learn about cloud run and cloud run job in detail
  • Learnt about Alloy DB for Postgre SQL, cloud SQL, cloud spanner and how it has improved from old days to modern times.

Data Engineering on GCP

By Nirav Kothari, Technical Architect

nirav sir
in stage Nirav kothari sir

Afterward In a session Nirav Kothari Sir We learn all about of evolution of data which covers the history of Data Engineering and how Hadoop evolved. He also covered modern cloud architecture along with ETL which almost replaced Hadoop. this story between year 1980 to 2022.

here is some points that sir has cover in his presentation.

  • He explains about the evolution of storing a data and managing all of them that. He tell us about that at 1990 how the tech giants are interested in storing data from lot of sources. The variety of data and formats .
  • After that all concepts regarding data engineer. The primitive role. He explains the problems faced by data engineers in day to day life . Collecting a data from lot servers or machines. Then if we have lot of machine to solve this problem its not an efficient method
  • He explain how the Google cloud solve the problem of data engineers in solving problems of installing a machine and provide privacy and security. There are also a lot of problem in Google cloud and yeah its very good to see the upgrading.

Explanation about Elastic, Elastic search, Elastic stack, Kibana , logstash and elasticity in cloud computing

Getting started with Elastic Stacks

By Ashish Tiwari, Senior Developer Advocate Elastic, Elastic

Ashish sir
in stage Ashish Tiwari sir

Now it's time for Ashish Tiwari Sir…

  • sir explain what is Elastic , Elastic search, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash.
  • He explain the VVVV its stand for Volume, Velocity ,Variety and Varicety. He also told about the application of elastic search in a day to day life especially the tinder ones.
  • He explain in 2025 he are receiving more than 450EB Data which is quite big but the elastic help us to do this thing easily. He explain about beats, Logstack and many more elastic function.
  • He explain about the best thing tracking dashboard in elastic.
  • Learned how and why I should use elastic search in my application, personally I really liked how it manages all the upscaling and downscaling so easily using kubernetes.
    list of the company who uses elastic search
    list of the company who ureses elastic search 

All about the Elastic Stack Practical use case

Elastic Stack use case in Banking Domain and How to Scale Elastic-search in Multi-Tier workload

by Ajit Gadge, Head of Solutions and Abhijit, DevOps consultant.

ajit sir
in stage Ajit gadge sir

elastic stack
explain about the all about elastic 

abhijit on stage
in stage Abhijit sir
  • Now it's for Ajit and Abhijit they tells about the kubernetes and it's application the best part about this is a it's collecting a information from one cloud sources and we can shift another one. The kubernetes help lot in this.
  • They explain about the elasticity in cloud computing and provide the awesome practice use case in banking use elastic Scaling in Elastic
  • After then elastic Team made the session very interesting as it stands as a very important aspect in industry, the services it provides are just fabulous !

last but now least

After then the event is over we had a Fireside Chat , Networking , Lunch But there is Some Catch 


but before that we had given a small task if we performed then we will get some swags 😍 😎🤏🏻 and yes I performed the task and I got the swags after the swags distribution we get the lunch between 2 o’clock.

Also I hope more and more event will be hosted and I would be a part of it and also if you wish to part of it then simply comment down below that you want to join and be a part of it then i would be create a short tutorial about it. 

My experience and opinions about this event

group pic
Group photo with Whole team members

And lastly what are my opinion about this Gdg cloud event ? if I tell in One word is that it a Fabulous.

However this was awesome in-person Gdg cloud event Meetup !! We get lots of knowledge information , updates about the future tech or what tech is going to used in recent times however If you get any invitation or get to know is any event is happing near by you then I will suggest you to join the in person or offline event this will be a life changing movement for you.

By the way this is my first in person event that I have joined and believe me or not I gain lots of things than I ever expected , I feel very grateful.

So If you are reading till here then you are great reader like me and loves to read the all the information that I have grind in this blog for you, also you invested the time to read the whole blog that’s amazing you know.

One last request if you liked my blog then you can share it to anybody , anywhere and any one it would be a appreciable also if you wish you can follow my social media handles and never miss any updates.

Thank you very much every one !!


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